Moroccan Beaded Taguemout Necklace - Berber Jewelry - Enamel Egg Bead - Faux Coral

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Item No: JNM0124
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Copal, glass, metal beads, enamel on mixed metal taguemout
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New beaded multi-strand Moroccan Berber style taguemount (egg bead) necklace.  

Materials:  Copal resin beads, glass beads, metal beads, enamel
Total Necklace Length:  About 28 inches including ties
Beaded Length:  About 15 inches
Bead Materials:  Copal, glass, mixed metal, enamel on large taguemout bead
Taguemout Bead Size:  1 inch wide, 1.25 inches long
Bead Color:   Coral, amber and traditional green and yellow enamel
Copal beads are handmade,

String of mixed beads from Morocco, including center taguemout (egg) bead with enamel.  Beautiful new necklace in traditional tribal colors.  Ties to close.  Can be tied a bit longer or shorter depending on your preference.  Taguemout bead is probably a vintage piece repurposed from a fibula or necklace.  Total length of beaded portion is 15 inches.  Ties are about 6.5 inches long each.  Can be tied to desired length up to about 22 inches.  A nice smaller version of traditional berber taguemout necklaces without the weight and bulk.


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