Berber Boghdad Southern Cross Tribal Pendant - Amazigh Jewelry - Tribal Belly Dance

Item No: JPM0102
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass
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Berber southern cross pendant with large red glass jewel.

Length: About 2.5 inches
Width: About 2.25 inches
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Silvery, tarnished
Finish:  Unpolished
Attachment: Tunnel at the top for stringing
Wirework, granulation and large red glass jewel

Berber boghdad pendant or 'southern cross' with large red glass jewel.  These beautiful pendants come in an infinite variety and are often embellished with granulation, enamel, glass jewels and wirework.  Tunnel through the top to string onto necklaces or other projects.  About .252 inches in width and 2.5 inches top to bottom.

These pendants are not related to the Christian religion despite the name.  The Southern Cross is a traditional motif revered by many nomadic tribes across Northern Africa. It is named after the Southern Cross constellation, which guides tribal groups safely through the dessert during their nightly sojourns.

From THE SOUTHERN CROSS, and excellent comprehensive article by Alaa Eddine Sagid, an international authority on jewels from the Moroccan / North African and Sub Sahara region:
Boghdad are strongly associated with the Moors and nomadic peoples in the Western part of the Sahara and all the other related groups as well as those who came under their influence, such as the sedentary people to the North such as the Harratine and south west Moroccan Berbers and the black skinned Sahel peoples in the region to the south. The Moors are of a complex heritage of Arab and Berber ethnic mix but it seems that a large part of their material culture was borrowed from the once thriving Ghana Kingdom established in Central South Mauritania. 


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