Afghani Mirrorwork Belt Base - Kuchi Trim - Tribal Belly Dance DIY Belt Base 29 inches

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Item No: TMX0001
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Fabric, Glass Mirrors, Glass Beads, Cotton Blend Fringe, metallic Trim
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Old Kuchi Afghani mirror piece on colorful orange fabric. 

Width:  About 2.75 inches
Length: 29 inches
Colors:  Multi on Orange Base
Cotton fringe with white beads along the bottom is about 1.5 inches in length.
Shisha mirrors, metallic trim and a bit of white beadwork.
Plain fabric backing is black.

The original purpose of most of these pieces was to add decoration to clothing.  This piece is created on an orange base fabric with multi-color embroidery around the mirrors and multi-color cotton blend fringe at the bottom.  White beading adds a bit of detail.  Total measurements for this piece are 29 inches long and about 2.75 inches wide (fabric base).  Fringe adds an additional 1.75 inches.  Textiles are great way to get lots of tribal detail on costumes or home decor.  Use on belts, bras, skirts and headpieces or use to add interest to household items and accessories.

This is a tribally used item.  This piece appears to be discolored a bit in places, but I'm not sure that it's dirty.  It looks like something else touched it while wet and the color transferred a bit.  These pieces are entirely produced by hand and measurements will vary in places.  While I try to make sure that my pieces are in as good a condition as possible, tribal items made by hand in country and may be faded, torn or frayed, have raw edges, may be a bit dirty in places or smell slightly of animals, smoke or incense.  Any extensive wear, dirt or other flaws will be specifically noted in the description.  If you have questions about the condition of any of my items, please contact me. 


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