Moroccan Copal Bead Necklace - Berber Jewelry - Huge Copal Resin Amber Golden Yellow Moroccan Tribal Beads

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Item No: JNM0126
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Copal Resin Beads
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Huge tribal faux amber copal beads from Morocco.  

Materials:  Copal resin (tree resin)
Total Necklace Length:  about 54 inches including ties
Number of Beads:  15
Bead Length:  17.75 inches beaded length
Bead Size: About 2 inches across and 1 inch wide.  These are handmade and will vary a bit. 
Bead Color:  Bright yellow-orange
Hole Size: About 4mm (1/8 inch)
Beads are handmade from tree resin and vary a bit in size. 
Felt spacers between the beads to prevent rubbing/wear.   

String of HUGE faux amber beads from Morocco.  These beads are very very big, please see measurements above and photo of beads in hand.  This string has long ties and can be worn as a necklace.  Felt spacers have been included between each bead to help minimize wear and rubbing.  These are heavy and weigh over 1 pound as a string.  These beads are perfect for unstringing and using on jewelry projects.  

These beads are a bright yellow-orange color.  In some light they look more yellow and in other light, more orange.  Please see photos with whie background for truer color.

These beads are not old.  They are recently made to resemble old amber in color and texture.  Often several different colors, sizes and finishes are mixed together in necklaces and may be listed as "vintage" or "antique" amber or copal when in fact they are not.  Vintage or antique amber is extremely expensive and has a very different look and feel than beads such as these, although these do have a similar color to some older copal pieces.   The resins in new beads are sometimes mixed with plastics or coloring agents.  


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