Moroccan Berber Tribal Clasp Bracelet - Enamel and Large Jewels - Tribal Belly Dance Cuff Bracelet - Amazigh Imazighen

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Item No: JBM0061
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1


Vintage Amazigh (Berber) Moroccan bracelet with enamel and large glass jewels.

Width:  About 1.25 inches
Inner Circumference: 6-5/8 Inches
Inner Diameter:  About 2.25 Inches
Materials: Mixed Metals
Metal Color: slightly brassy
Finish:  Unpolished
Closure:  Pin and Hinge
Enamel is worn and in places is chipped.  Yellow, green, blue enamel colors.

Vintage Amazigh (Berber) enamel cuff bracelet from Morocco.  Well-made pin and hinge bracelet opens wide to make putting it on and taking it off easy.  Lightweight, detailed traditional design with enamel, glass jewels, small dangling coins and a bit of wirewok detailing.  6-5/8 inches inner circumference and about 2.25 inches inner diameter.  Pin fits well and is secure.  Condition is well used, some enamel is chipped.    

Amazigh (plural Imazighen) is a word which means “free people” in the Indigenous Tamazight language.  Among outsiders, the more common – though incorrect – name for Imazighen is Berber, a term that is largely rejected by Imazighen for its negative connotations. It's related to the word 'barbarian' 


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