Moroccan Beber Khrab Set Tribal Earrings - Tribal Belly Dance Earrings Large Hoops - Amazigh Imazighen Earrings for Headpiece

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Item No: JEM0061
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
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Large tribal hoop style earrings on connecting chain with large jewels and filigree dangles.

Width/Length:  Hoops are 2 inches across and 3.5 inches long from top of earwire to bottom of dangles
Materials:  Mixed Metal
Earwire Gauge: These look like they are about a 10 gauge or maybe a bit smaller.  
Metal Color: Silvery
Metal Finish: Unpolished
Chain Length:  21 inches with center hook for attaching to scarf or headpiece
Green jewels and red/green faux enamel
Traditional Berber colors and design.

Moroccan Berber large hoop-style earrings feature glass jewels, faux enamel and filigree dangles.  These earrings, called khrab, are attached to a chain that drapes across the head or attaches to a headpiece to take some of the weight of the earrings off the ear. Chains could be shortened, lengthened, or removed completely as desired.   The faux enamel on these is red/green and in decent condition.  Green glass jewels. and nice filigree beads and dangles.  Handmade chain.  MIxed metals.  Chain is 21 inches long with center hook for attaching to scarf or headpiece. 

Cleaning is recommended before wearing through piercings. 

Berber jewelry is large, showy, colorful and FUN!  It often includes lots of detail like enamel in bright colors, large jewels and coins.  It represents much more than simply adornment.  Each piece can signify fertility, wealth, social status and marital status.  The Berbers or Imazighen (‘Free people’; plural of Amazigh) are the original inhabitants of North Africa. They speak a number of related languages and share a common cultural heritage. Most Berbers nowdays live in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Mauritania and Niger.


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