Mixed Tribal Coins Without Loops - Pack of 50

Item No: DMC0001
Country of Origin: Pakistan / Afghanistan / Other
Qty in Stock: 2

Pack of 50 mixed real coins in all sizes and various shapes and metals.  Coins are real Pakistani, Afghani, Persian and Indian coins and a few from other countries.  None have loops, a few have small holes drilled through them.  Photo is representative, each pack contains a different mix of coins.  These are perfect for film or theater productions when the look and sound of real coins is needed.  These could also be drilled to attach to costuming.

Please note that tribal coins can vary greatly in condition.  Coins will not necessarily match in design, condition, wear or coloration.  Coins are sorted for useability only and can vary greatly in design.  We cannot guarantee that they will match each other, or will all be in the same condition from pack to pack or within a pack.  These are old, tribally used coins and their condition will reflect their history.    

Coin packets are heavy.  Packet quantities are generally too heavy to be shipped by first class mail.

For Customers Outside the US:
This item cannot be shipped to some countries outside the US.  Please email info@redcamel.net for information about shipping to your country.


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