Metal Amulets Rectangular Bright Finish - Pack of 50 - Tribal Belly Dance DIY components - CLOSEOUT

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Item No: DMG0023
Country of Origin: Pakistan
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Rectangular shaped sew-on metal amulets. 

Size:  7/8 of an inch long, 3/4 inch wide
Materials:  Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Silvery to white metal bright
Metal Finish:  Unpolished, but somewhat shiny
Pack Size:  50 pieces
I believe these are machine stamped, so size and depth of stamping will be fairly uniform.

Sew-on metal amulets in bright finish.  Silvery to aluminum in color.  About 7/8 inches across the long end, 3/4 of an inch across the short end . Holes for sewing down to any costuming project or other do-it-yourself items.  Machine stamped.  Size, shape and depth of design is fairly consistent.  Packet of 50 pieces.


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