Kuchi Belt - Black Cord Belt with Hollow Dangle Pendants - 38 Inches - Tribal Belly Dance Belt for Costuming - Tribal Pendants Belt

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Item No: JLB0070
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Shoelace Cord, Mixed Metals, Glass Beads
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Vintage Kuchi components belt on black cord.  

Total Length:  38 inches
Decorated Length:  24.5 inches
Pendant Materials:  Mixed metals, black cotton blend cord
Pendant Length:  About 3 inches
Pendant Finish:  Polished
Fastening:  Button and Loop
This belt is very similar to JLB0063 but has lots of hollow dangles that make a nice jingle.

Vintage Kuchi necklace components with dangles strung on black shoelace cord with metal spacer beads and a bit of glass beading along the top edge.  This belt is 38 inches long from button to loop.  Penants are mixed metals with lots of hollow dangles to make a nice jingle.  Button can be moved to make this piece shorter, or simply tie it to the length desired.  Wear as a belt or sew to the bottom of an existing costume piece.  Can also be cut apart to sew anywhere on your DIY project, or totally deconstruct and incorporate the pieces into new jewelry.  

This belt is similar to JLB0063 belts, but includes lots of hollow dangles.  Please see photos on red and black backgrounds for this specific belt.  

Kuchi means "nomad" in the Afghan Dari language. The livelihood and culture of the Kuchis have been all but destroyed by conflict, drought, and demographic shifts. Some 200,000 Kuchis are displaced in Afghanistan; an equal or larger number are refugees in Pakistan; and hundreds of thousands of others are eking out a precarious existence in urban or rural areas in Afghanistan. Only a small number of Kuchis still follow their traditional livelihood of nomadic herding.


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