Ethiopian Bead Necklace - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - Glass, Metal and Resin Beads - SALE

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Item No: JNX0066
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass, Resin
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Ethiopian resin, glass and metal beads necklace.

Length:  22.75 inches
Bead materials:  Mixed Metals, Glass, Resin
Metal Color:  Silvery, Tarnished
Metal Finish: Unpolished
Focal:  Resin Bead
Closure:  Hook and Ring

Necklace made from Ethiopian components.  This necklace is made from silvery, slightly tarnished mixed metal beads of various sizes, small glass beads and a larger resin focal bead.  Closes with a hook and ring.  22.75 inches long.  These smaller, lighter necklaces are perfect for layering with other necklaces, or by themselves when weight and bulk is undesirable.  The jewelry of Ethiopia bears a close resemblance to that of the Saudi peninsula. 

Ethiopian telsum are triangular or crescent-shaped prayer boxes and are worn for their protective properties.  The triangular pieces are believed to fend off evil spirits and the evil eye.  The crescent-shaped pieces are worn as protection against the spells of the crescent moon.  Some telsum are elaborately decorated and feature granulated designs and can be gold washed or gilded.  Traditionally worn as necklaces strung on yarn or strips of cloth.  Older pieces are often made of silver derived from the Maria Theresa thaler coins while modern versions are usually made of a nickel alloy. 


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