Vintage Banjara Indian Mirrorwork Belt Base 26.5 Inches - SALE

Item No: TML0056
Country of Origin: India / Banjara
Materials: Fabric, Glass Mirrors
Qty in Stock: 1

Old handmade Banjara Indian mirror textile piece with handworked shisha mirrors and embroidery.  Textile piece itself measures approximately 26.5 inches long (not including ties) and about 5 inches wide.  Cord ties on each end.  Deep red originally, the base fabric has faded over time and looks a bit pinkish.  The three larger mirrors are missing, presumably broken over the lifetime of this old piece, but all the small mirrors are in place and are unbroken.  Large copper coins adorn the bottom edge.  The three large mirrors could be replaced with 2.25 to 2.5 inch bead or embroidered medallions!  

These pieces make nice additions to costuming belts.

Originally $25 - NOW $18!


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