Sari Border Section - Blue and Gold - Tribal Belly Dance Costume DIY Embellishments - Saree Border - NO RETURNS

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Item No: TMX0008
Country of Origin: India
Materials: Fabric, Thread, Sequins
Qty in Stock: 1


Section of decorated sari border on chiffon fabric with metallic thread, sequins.

Fabric Length:  Long arm of the "L" is 30 inches. Short arm is 10.5 inches.
Design Length: Long arm of the "L" is 29 inches.  Short arm is 10.5 inches. 
Design Width:  About 3 inches. Wider on the short arm of the "L".
Fabric type:  Synthetic Chiffon
Fabric Color:  Medium blue. Can look slightly purple under certain lighting.  
Design Colors: Gold
Design Materials:  Metallic thread, sequins
PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items. 

This is a section of the border design on an old sari.  Sari borders make great ebellishments on dance costuming.  Cover a belt base with a sari border for a great start to costume embellishment.  Sari border pieces are produced by hand and measurements will vary in places. 

This piece item has been cut directly from a sari and some edges may be raw.  Other edges may be fabric selvedge or turned hem.  They may be worn or frayed, faded or discolored, may be dirty or stained or have other flaws.   I try to describe my pieces in as much detail as possible, noting any flaws, but please look at the photos on this page closely to be sure of what you are purchasing.  
PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items. 


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