Conchos and Turtles - Mixed Metal Conchos from a Belt - Turtles - NO RETURNS

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Item No: DXX0011
Country of Origin: Unknown
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass, Plastic
Qty in Stock: 1


7 star concho belt peices, 3 turtles.

Size:  Disks are 1-5/8 inch across and small ones are 1-1/4 inch.  Turtles are 1-1/3 inches nose to tail.
Color:  Silver, but discolored, some have rust.
Materials:  Mixed metals
Attachment:  Disks have slots to slip belt or cord through.  Turtles have no obvious way of attaching.
Conchos do not all match - 4 large disks match, two small disks match.  Turtles match.
PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items.

Assorted pieces from belts.  Concho pieces are the cheap ones, thin mixed metals.  Turtles have been removed from something, and have no way to attach them other than to glue or pierce holes for sewing.  The turtles look like there was something attached to their backs at some point.  Conchos have a star pattern on the tops.  All these peices are concave when viewed from the bottom.  

PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items. 


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