10 Gold Tassels for Costume / Home Decor - Silky Tassels - NO RETURNS

Item No: DXX0014
Country of Origin: Unknown
Materials: Rayon?
Qty in Stock: 1


9 large silky gold tassels and one small gold tassel.  

Size: 8 large tassels are 3.5 inches long.  Small tassel is 1.5 inches long.  Does not include loop.
Color:  Gold
Materials:  Silky cord/thread.  May be rayon?
Attachment:  Loop at the top of each
All large tassels match.  Small tassel does not match. 
PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items.

9 large and one small gold tassel for costuming.  6 of the large tassels are sill in their original sleeve and have never been "opened".  Three of them have no sleeve but are new.  Threads may be crooked but can be tamed by dampening and hanging to dry.  Small tassel is an odd ball.  

PLEASE NOTE:  No returns on costuming stash items. 


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