Vintage Chain Tassels - Metal Tassels - Copper Brass Tassels for Belly Dance Costuming - Vintage Components Findings

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Item No: DMX0454
Country of Origin: USA
Materials: Mixed Metals
Condition: New / Vintage / Good
Qty in Stock: 30


Vintage copper and brass metal tassel for belly dance costuming DIY. 

Size:  Tassels are 5 to 5.5 inches long from top loop to bottom on copper fringes
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal color:  Brass color filigree toppers, copper bead and chains
Finish:  Unpolished.  Some chains have patina.
Attachment:  Loop at the top of each tassel for attaching.
Priced per tassel.  

Vintage metal tassel.  These tassels were purchased from a cache of DIY findings in storage for decades.  Brass filigree tassel caps with copper chain fringes and a small copper bead at the top. Each tassel has a loop for attaching.  Tassel is 5 to 5.5 inches long from loop to bottom of copper chains.  These are a bit heavy, as can be expected of all-metal pieces of this size.  Use for embellishing costuming bras, belts and accessories.  

Please note:  These are vintage pieces that have beens stored for a long time.  Some of the copper chains may be discolored and could possibly be restored to a bright copper color with polishing.  

Priced per each tassel.  


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