Turkoman Cotton Tribal Fringe - Five Feet - Tribal Belly Dance Fringe for DIY Costuming - CLOSEOUT

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Item No: TXT0015
Country of Origin: Turkoman /Central Asia
Materials: Cotton, possibly also silk
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Five feet of handmade Turkoman cotton blend fringe.

Length:  Five feet 
Drop (top cord to bottom of fringes): 3 inches
Materials:  Cotton, cotton blend.  May include silk.
Colors:  Red, deep blue, deep green

Vintage handmade Turkoman cotton fringe.  Turkoman fringe adds authentic detailing to costuming.  Fringes are about 3 inches long, top to bottom.  Colors are red, deep blue and deep green.  Colors are more true in photos with white background.  Easily sewn to any costume project.  

This is for the remaining five foot section of this fringe.  


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