Berber Necklace - Moroccan Amazigh Khemmiset SILVER Hamsa Necklace - Berber Tribal Enamel Jewel Necklace - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry

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Item No: JNM0134
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Silvery, Silver alloy, Glass, Enamel
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Silver khemmiset hamsa tribal necklace from southern Morocco.

Length:  20.5 inches
Pendant Materials:  Silver, silvery alloy, glass jewels, enamel
Center Pendant Size:  Approx. 3.5 inches across and 4.75 inches long
Enamel Colors:  Green, red, yellow traditional.  Enamel on small links looks purplish-brown and red or pink with green. 
Jewel Color:  Red, green tradiitonal
Closure:  Hook and ring
Finish:  Unpolished, but bright.  This necklace would gleam if polished.  

This lovely silver Khemmiset necklace will be sure to keep that pesky evil eye away!  Three hamsas, or hands of Fatima, and two large enameled links with jewel coin pendnats grace this protective necklace.  Glass jewels, enamel and engraved design.  20.5 inches total length from hook to ring.  Center pendant is about 3.5 inches by 4.75 inches.  From Tiznit in the Anti-Atlas Mountains region of Morocco.  


Berber jewelry is large, showy, colorful and FUN!  It often includes lots of detail like enamel in bright colors, large jewels and coins.  It represents much more than simply adornment.  Each piece can signify fertility, wealth, social status and marital status.  The Berbers or Imazighen (‘Free people’; plural of Amazigh) are the original inhabitants of North Africa. They speak a number of related languages and share a common cultural heritage. Most Berbers nowdays live in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mali, Mauritania and Niger.


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