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Item No: JEM0047
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass, Enamel
Qty in Stock: 1

A lovely old pair of Berber earrings with large red glass jewels, enamel and dangle pendants. 

Wire Type:  Rigid wire hook
Length: 3-5/8 inches including earwires and dangles
Width:  About 1-1/8 inch
Earwire Gauge: About a 12 gauge
Materials:  Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
Finish:  Unpolished

Vintage Berber earrings with red glass jewels, niello detailing and small dangles.  Stamped or punched texture design.  Wires are soldered to earrings at the top and are rigid.  I would say wires are about a 12 gauge so are best worn in slightly stretched piercings.  It appears that one of the wires is an ever so slightly larger guage, but not by much.  About 3-5/8 inches long including top wires. About 1-1/8 inch wide.  Niello design and a bit of colorful enamel.

As with all our tribal earrings, this pair is old and have been used many times.  Please clean ear wires before wearing in your piercings.  

Berber, or Amazigh, jewelry often boasts gass jewels, enamel and semi-precious stones and almost all jewelry pieces are large and meant to be noticed and appreciated!  The hamsa is often incorporated into their jewelry as well.  The hamsa symbol, or hand of Fatima, is named after the daughter of the prophet Mohammed and is one of the most ancient amuletic symbols still used in modern culture.  Adopted by both Islam and Judaism, there is a shared understanding of the symbol's meaning - the ability to ward off the evil eye and attract divine protection.  The hamsa shape is a five-fingered hand with a thumb on each side, thus the name 'hamsa' or 'chamsa' which means five in Arabic.  

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