Bedouin Tribal Armband from Yemen - Jewelry for Tribal Belly Dance Costuming - Arm Bracelet from Hadramaut Region Southern Yemen

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Item No: JBX0173
Country of Origin: Yemen
Materials: Silver Alloy
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Vintage armband from Hadramaut region of Southern Yemen.

Inner Circumference (including gap): 9 Inches
Gap: 1-1/8 Inches
Inner Diameter: About 3 Inches
Width: About 3/4 of an Inch
Materials:  Silver alloy, probably less than 50%
Metal Color:  Tarnished, silvery
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Decorative elements applied to firm inner metal band are made from granulation and cast metal "coins".
Somewhat adjustable.  

Traditional design armband from Southern Yemen.  Rigid inner metal band has plaques of granulation and cast metal "coins" applied on top.  Currently shaped to 9 inches inner circumference including the gap of 1-1/8 inches.  Inner diameter of about 3 inches.  Can be shaped to fit a bit larger or smaller.  Silver alloy of less than 50%, with a tarished finish.  This is a genuine old Bedouin piece with lots of wear.  

All traditional bedouin jewelry is used as a talisman and has a protective value against the evil eye.  (Almost all personal adornment does double duty as protection.)  The color red (and red/orange) is especially protective and is used often in jewelry by incorporating coral, red glass, carnelian stones or other naturally red colored items. 


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