Banjara Armlet - Vintage Tribal Bracelet - Tribal Belly Dance Bracelet Armlet - Shells Coins - Banjara Rabari Lambani Tribal

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Item No: JBN0151
Country of Origin: India / Banjara
Materials: Fabric, Shells, Coins, Mixed Metal Beads
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Authentic vintage Banjara bracelet / armlet

Length of Bracelet Band: About 6.5 inches
Width of Fabric Band:  About 3/4 of an inch
Width with Shells:  About 1 inch
Decorative Components:  Cowrie Shells, Coins, Metal Beads
Materials: Fabric, Mixed Metals, Cowrie Shells
Metal Color: Coins are silvery, beads are dull gray
Finish:  Unpolished
Closure:  Tie that pulls through holes in the end of the fabric band.  Can be tied to any length needed.

Vintage Banjara armlet with shells, beads and coins on a fabric band.  Ties slip through holes on the end of the band tand pull through to be tied to any lenth needed.  This one is shorter and would be better suited for a wrist bracelet than an armband, but could be taken apart and added to a longer band if desired.  These pieces are becoming more difficult to find and are often in well-used condition.  An authentic piece of tribal adornment to add to your collection.  Please look at photos carefully for condition. 

The Banjara people of India, known by numerous names including  Pindari, Lambani, Labhani Muka, and many others are a traditionally nomadic people.  They are now found mostly in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana.  The word "Banjara" is derived froma  Sanskrit word meaning "wanderers of the jungle".  Banjara women are known to wear colorful and beautiful clothing and have tattos on their hands.  They use shells, mirrors, coins and colorful embroidery to decorate their clothing and wear heavy and highly ornamented jewelry made of silver and both natural and found objects, including glass, wood, bone, reeds, grass and shells.


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