Balochi Tribal Bracelet for Belly Dance Costuming - Tribal Cuff Bracelet - Baloch Kuchi Tribal Cuff

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Item No: JBK0234
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1


Vintage Balochi "C" shaped tribal bracelet.

Inner Circumference (including gap): 6.5 Inches
Gap: About 7/8 of an Inch
Inner Diameter: 2.25 Inches
Width: About 3/4 of an Inch
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Mostly silvery
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Hollow bracelet with pretty punched/chased design.
This bracelet MIGHT be adjustable a bit, but should be adjusted carefully so the metal does not crunch/fold. 

This listing is for a SINGLE bracelet.

Traditional Balochi  design "C" bracelet with chased (punched) design.  Rigid horseshoe shape in mixed metals.   Total inner circumference is 6.5 inches, including the opening.  Opening is about 7/8 of an inch wide.  Inner diameter is 2.25 inches.  May be able to adjust to a larger or smaller opening, but should be done very carefully to avoid stressing the metal.  This bracelet is in good condition.  Vintage bracelets look beautiful stacked together.  Or mix it up with different styles all in a row. 

This listing is for a SINGLE bracelet.

The Baloch or Baluch are a people who live mainly in the Balochistan region of the southeastern-most edge of the Iranian plateau in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as in the Arabian Peninsula.


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