New Small Turkoman Style Tassels - SINGLE Tribal Belly Dance Costuming DIY Tassels - Turkoman Tassels for Costume Making

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Item No: TTX0001
Country of Origin: Central Asia / Turkoman
Materials: Cotton/cotton blend, Glass
Qty in Stock: 6


Small Turkoman style tassels for tribal belly dance DIY - SINGLE TASSEL.

Length:  About 4 inches
Materials: Cotton or cotton blend tassels, glass beads
Tassel Color:  Black
Bead Color:  Light Blue.  Can be removed easily.
Attachment:  Loop at the top of each 
Small white seed beads at the bottom of tassel fringes.
Price listed is for one SINGLE tassel.  

Small Turkoman tassel with white glass seed beads at the bottom and a larger blue bead over the loop at the top.  These small tassels are newly made from cotton or cotton blend fibers.   Larger bead at the top can be removed by slipping it off the top of the loop.  About 4 inches from top of loop to bottom of tassel, but because they are handmade may vary slightly.  Perfect for DIY projects, adding detail to your costuming or wearing in your hair.   

Price listed is for one SINGLE tassel.


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