New Afghani Stone Tribal Ring - Size 10 - Tribal Jewelry for Belly Dance - Lapis Blue Stone Inset

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Item No: JRK0122
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Insets, Stone Inset
Qty in Stock: 1

New tribal ring with lapis blue Afghani stone inset.

Size:  10 US 
Materials: Mixed Metals
Metal Finish: Polished
Metal Color:  Silvery with just a slight brass cast
Inset Color:  Lapis Blue
Inset Shape:  Long Oval
Ring Face Measurement:  2 inches long and just over 1/2 inch wide

Large tribal ring with long oval stone inset.  This ring is a NEW piece made in a tribal style with a real stone inset and wirework detailing.  Smaller insets on the wide band in turquoise blue.  US size 10.  Band is wide, so fits a bit more snugly.  Band can be wrapped with yarn or lined with moleskin to make it fit to a smaller size if needed.  This style of ring is faintly reminiscent of tribal Nepali rings and makes a bold statement.

In addition to some spectacular mountain scenery, lush valleys and ancient history, Afghanistan holds a treasure trove of gemstones. Tourmaline, aquamarine, morganite, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are all found here, as well as other beryl gemstones and topaz.  Semi-precious stones such as lapis lazuli and all forms of jasper abound as well.    


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