Moroccan Crescent Moon Earrings - Tribal Jewelry - Tribal Belly Dance Earrings - Morocco Moon Dangle Earrings

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Item No: JEM0066
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass and Metal Beads
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Moroccan crescent moon earrings with deep blue/black dangles.

Materials:  Mixed Metal
Width: About 1 inch
Length:  3.25 inches from top of wires to bottom of dangles
Earwire Gauge: These have modern wires that look like they are about a 16 gauge.  These are an average size modern earwire that can be worn by anyone.
Chased (punched) leaf design and small deep blue/black bead dangles.

Pair of crescent moon earrings from Morocco.  Wires are modern, perhaps a 16 gauge.  These earrings are not new and are not original tribal.  Most likely they were made for the tourist trade in southern Morocco.  These earrings are used pieces.  If you will be wearing these in your piercings directly against your skin, cleaning is recommended before wearing. 


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