Banjara Vintage Tribal Mirror Textile Patch - Tribal Belly Dance Costume DIY Textile - Banjara Lambani Rabari Tribal Mirrors

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Item No: TMP0025
Country of Origin: India
Materials: Fabric, Thread, Glass Mirrors
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Small vintage Banjara tribal mirror textile patch. 

Size:  About 2.75 inches across and 3.5 inches long.  This piece is not perfectly square and varies in width.
Fabric Color:  Red
Embroidery Colors:  Pink, yellow, green blue
Materials:  Fabric, glass mirrors
No missing or broken mirrors and is in good, clean condition.

Small shisha mirror and embroidery patch for tribal belly dance costuming DIY.  These pieces most often come from clothing or accessories and are used over many times by removing them from older pieces and reattaching them to new ones.  Vintage mirrorwork pieces are often faded, frayed and sometimes a bit dirty from repeated tribal use.  Older mirros may be scratched, cracked, or the reflective backing may be wearing off in places or perhaps almost entirely gone.  Each piece will vary in condition.   


These pieces are entirely produced by hand and measurements will vary in places.  This item has been taken from old clothing or other personal items and may be worn or frayed, faded or discolored, have raw edges, may be dirty or smell of animals, smoke or incense.   I try to describe my pieces in as much detail as possible, noting any flaws, but please look at the photos on this page closely to be sure of what you are purchasing.  

Banjara, or Lambani, women use brightly colored fabrics, shisha mirror work, beads and shells to embellish every part of their clothing and personal accessories. Mirrors and cowrie shells are added to the edges of blouses and hems of skirts and incorporated  into tassels and jewelry. Every piece of fabric has at least some mirror work to attract the eye. Banjara women are holding tightly to their ancient modes of dress, which are said to be the most colorful and elaborate of any tribe in India. This exuberance in adornment is even extended to their animals!


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