Agate Talhakimt - Tiny - Green Agate Tanfouk - Tribal Belly Dance DIY Costuming - Moroccan Mauritanian

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Country of origin: Mali / Mauritania / West Africa
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Handmade agate talhakimt from West Africa.  These pretty and unusual Tuareg items are used mostly for hair adornment and sometimes other decoration, mostly in Mali and Mauritania, and locally named "zakate".  Talhakimt are made in many different sizes and colors, usually of glass or agate.  The shape of talhakimt is based on an old design from India. 

Approximately 3/4 to 1 inch long and about 1/2 inch wide.  They have been used as tribal adornment in country and may be dirty or pitted from wear, and may have scratches, chips or worn edges.  There will be variations in the agate from translucent to opaque with color ranging from deep jade to light green.  Since these are handmade, no two pieces are alike and there will be variations in size and shape.  Natural agate stone may break if dropped.  

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