Afghani Embroidery Tribal Textile Panel

Item No: TXE0005
Country of Origin: Pakistan/Afghanistan
Materials: Fabric
Qty in Stock: 1

Old textile piece on colorful fabric with intricate embroidery.  The original purpose of most of these pieces was to add decoration to clothing.  Panels are usually taken from the edges of large belled sleeves.  Patches were also most likely dress adornment.  Made in complex patterns in bright colors on multiple layers of fabric, tribal embroidery is often quite sophisticated and finely worked with tiny, precise stitches.  To use on costuming, trim to fit your project, turn raw edges under and stitch in place. 

Beautiful plum colored fabric base, colorful embroidery threads and a bit of metallic braid.  There is some old beading along the bottom edge.  Total measurements for this piece are approximately 19 inches long and about 6.75 inches wide.  Textiles add lots of tribal detail to costumes.  Use on belts, bras, skirts or accessory pieces.  

This is a tribally used item.  These pieces are entirely produced by hand and measurements will vary in places.  This item has been taken from old clothing or other personal items and may be torn or frayed, have raw edges, may be dirty or smell of animals, smoke or incense.  


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