50 Inches New Kuchi Afghani Tribal Chain - Hand Worked Belly Dance Craft Chain for DIY Costuming - SALE

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Item No: DMX0280
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Condition: New
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Newly made hand worked craft chain for DIY tribal costuming and jewelry.  

Length: 50 Inches
Width:  3/4 Inch
Materials: Mixed base metals
Metal Color:  Brassy
Finish:  Polished
Fairly consistent link size. 

New hand made tribal chain for DIY jewelry or costume projects.  Made from mixed metals in a brassy color.  Polished.  Links on this chain are all formed by hand from mixed base metal wire but are fairly consistent in size and shape.  These are newly made pieces of chain for tribal DIY costuming and jewelry making.  Can be snipped to any length desired with wire cutters.  Photos are representative.  You will receive a piece of chain in this style in the length listed on this page.  

Most of my findings are hand-crafted in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Central Asia and may have adorned tribal clothing, accessories, household items, animal trappings or other items during their prior lives.  New pieces are made by Afghani tribal craftsmen.  Small flaws are to be expected in old pieces and should not be considered defects, but add character and authenticity to tribal items.  Perfect for adding tribal detailing to clothing, costumes, jewelry or other DIY projects.   


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