28 Inches Tribal Chain Fringe - Kuchi Afghani Tribal DIY Costuming - Belly Dance Costume Decorative Metal Chain

Item No: DMH0771
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1


Kuchi Afghani tribal chain fringe for costuming and jewelry making.  

Length:  28 Inches
Width (top chain to bottom of dangles): About 1.75 inches
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Finish:  Unpolished but bright
Metal Color:  Silvery, white metal
Silvery piece of chain fringe with lots of hollow dangles for a good jingle.

A new 28 inch piece of tribal chain fringe.  There are a few dangles that are missing the bottom small donut.  Other than that this chain is full and lush with a nice weight to it.  About 1.75 inches top chain to bottom of dangles.  Lots of hollow dangles for a good jingle.  Very silvery, bright white metal color.  Tribal chain fringe adds beautiful detailing to tribal and fusion costuming belts, bras and accessories.  Our newer chain fringe pieces are made by Afghani craftsmen living in Pakistan.  

Tips for using DIY chain fringe:  Links are made of wire and can easily be snipped with wire cutters to customize your length.  Add chain fringe by sewing through the top chain.  Because chain fringe is heavy, there is more stress on the stitches.  Take a stitch every two links or so and knot frequently to keep chain secure if the thread breaks. 


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